Content Writing

Content Writing,

This is the beginning of the process to content writing you own ticket and being independent. Being able to create your own downloadable content writing products is the easiest way to make money on the Internet today. You need to be able to content write in a more efficient way or be able to outsource your writing to the ghostwriter. This following post talks about three ways to increase your productivity in the content writing process of your next download product or products.

There are three ways to do content writing effectively,

  • To write it yourself,
  • To hire a ghost writer,
  • To hire a ghost writer to rewrite PLR content,

To start let’s discuss the three ways to create your next content product. There are actually three ways to create a content product that you can sell as your own. All people have talent and can write their next download product that is about some topic that they are an expert in.

To write your download product yourself,

This is one of the easiest ways to create your first product. Why? Well because you are an expert in some topic that is of interest to another person willing to purchase your next e-book. Everybody has a passion to a specific topic and the tough part is to sit down in front of your computer and write your next bestselling novel.

As in all professions there are tools out there used to help with the tasks at hand. This tool is one that I found to be most useful. Let me ask you; if I could show you how to write 400 words in 7 minutes including the research component would you be interested? Let me say that again, if I could show you how to write 400 words in 7 minutes including research would you be interested?

Yes I said it, 400 words in 7 minutes by Jason Faldlien. This guy knows how to create content quality quickly. To put this into perspective 400 words in 7 minutes is your next bestselling 60,000 word novels in less than 18 hours or the next 8,000 word novelette in less than 3 hours. This guy has amazing techniques used to create quality product quickly.  If you had these writing techniques can you imagine how many products you could write is short order.

Click here to get the PDF writing course: Jason-Fladlien-7-Minute-Article

Content Writing

To hire a ghost writer to write for you,

The next method is to hire a ghost writer to write a 400 word article is going to cost between .02 for a great writer to .05 for the excellent writer. At .02 X 400 = $8.00 per article. At .05 X 400 = $20.00 per 400 words. A 60,000 word novel will cost $1,200 at .02 and $3,000 at .05. There are many places where you can find these ghost writers willing to write and give you the rights to sell on or anywhere else you can sell your ebook. The downside is it costs money…

To hire a ghost writer to rewrite PLR content,

This is a bit different and there are spinning solutions where you just input the content and the software spins out a new article. The problem with these software products is it looks like it has been spun. I am not suggesting you spin your next article but maybe you get a real human to spin it for you. The cost of rewriting an article is on average at .008 cents per word or for a 400 word article it is .008 X 400 = $3.20. This is much more cost effective but the quality is good but not excellent. I am not sure you can get a novel rewritten by a ghost writer but if you could it would cost you. .008 X 60,000 = $480.00. This technique is best used to rewrite a series of PLR content about a specific topic for a short report or an e-book of let’s say 4,000 words. .008 X 4,000 = $32.00, which is a cost effective way to write about topic you know nothing about. It is quickly set up and created usually in under 24 hours per article.


There are the three ways to create content quickly with the many writing tools found on the Internet. You can write yourself, hire ghost writer for custom content or a ghost writer to rewrite your PLR content. The easy part is the writing of the content. Next is to format the content with navigation and add the custom E-Book cover. One technique is to create a series of books and give away the first in the series for free in exchange for your email address. It is a building process that makes it easy to sell the next books in the series but that has to be left for another article.